Diverted Destines Series, also known as DDS, is the collection of stories that are based in worlds of complete fiction. The fandoms span from Haven to Marvel and many things inbetween.


The number of stories in the DDS has a constant rate of growth.

The following is a list of the stories the comprise the DDS:

  • One Less Life (Evo Leandra)
  • Just A Dream (Movie Leandra)
  • Your Shadows, My Past (Angie/Auset)
  • Guardian Angel (Adina)
  • Guardian Again (sequel to Guardian Angel; Adina)
  • Far Longer Than Forever (Sharisse, formerly Salem)
  • Now and Forever (Sorrell)
  • Time and Again (Samantha, subject to change)
  • It Comes Crashing Down (Rayce)
  • Home Sweet Haven (Drina)
  • Until the Day I Die (Valencia, subject to change)

Main CharactersEdit

Each story in the collection follows one of several OCs but not every OC has a story (titled). The number of characters far outnumber the stories.

The following is a list of characters that are featured in the DDS:

  • Leandra Reinhart
  • Melanya Reinhart
  • Valencia Irvine
  • Rosalinda Villalobos
  • Willa Duncan
  • Iliana D'Agueros
  • Camila Juarez
  • Evelyn Newhart
  • Elijah Hensley
  • Aleera Hensley
  • Adina Avalon
  • Rayce Graham
  • Sharisse Summers (formerly Salem)
  • Sorrell Lynx
  • Angelina Dawson/Auset
  • Natasha Dawson
  • Ilse Calahart
  • Samantha Daniels
  • Lilliana Turner
  • Cecilia Spencer
  • Drina Martell

Minor CharactersEdit

Throughout each DDS story there are several minor characters that never quite achieve the status of a main character.

The following is a list of minor character that are featured in the Diverted Destinies Series:

  • Sarah Mitchell
  • Serena Newhart
  • Marika Avalon
  • Devlyn Masterson
  • Cedric Lindon
  • Alexander Lindon
  • Holly lindon
  • Jenna Summers
  • Kaleb Anderson
  • Bethany Hart
  • Jeremy Dawson
  • Jahi
  • Neema