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Grey Gull waitress

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Welcome to Haven

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Duke Crocker (friend; boss)
Nathan Wuornos (friend)
Julia Carr (friend)
Audrey Parker (friend)

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Sophia Bush

Drina Nanette Martell is a resident of Haven, Maine where she runs the Haven Dance Studio but while not teaching she works part-time at the Grey Gull. Martell grew up with Duke Crocker, Nathan Wuornos, and Julia Carr.


Martell comes from a long line of Troubled, but she claims that neither of her parents were troubled “and if they were [she] never knew of it.” Martell grew up knowing of the Troubles and of how real they were so she never once doubted their existence when they popped up in Haven.

At eighteen, Martell ran away with a young man that’d been passing through Haven. When she’d finally returned to Haven almost five years later she’d state that “big city life isn’t all is cracked up to be.” Her relationship with the man was never expanded on other than when she’d said, “Let’s put it this way… I wasn’t the first girl to run away with him… or the last.”

To many, Martell was considered the only person that could keep Nathan and Duke from fighting, so when she left their dislike for each other finally boiled over.

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These are the relationships that Drina experiences throughout her life in and out of Haven. These relationships are either: romantic, friendly, business, or downright bad.

Nathan WuornosEdit

Having met Nathan at an early age the two have had a “brother-sister” type bond that had always been something for Nathan to rely on when he had issues with his affliction. In the two years following Nathan’s incident with Duke and the tacks, Martell was the only girl Nathan would speak to as he didn’t think of her as a “girl” but a “sister.”

Duke CrockerEdit

While Martell was close to Nathan, something about Duke always intrigued her, pushing her toward becoming his friend, though she did not speak to him for a while after the tack incident with Nathan.

Julia CarrEdit

Julia Carr was Martell’s best friend but as they grew older their relationship dwindled.

Audrey ParkerEdit

Notable Episodes/AppearancesEdit

  • "As You Were"
  • "The Trial of Audrey Parker"
  • "Spiral"
  • "Audrey Parker's Day Off"
  • "Sins of the Fathers"