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Rocio Mariana Santos is a retired Mexican American best known for her work in World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (WWE).

Professional Wrestling CareerEdit

Early CareerEdit

Santos never expected to be very good at wrestling or even stand a chase at becoming one, but either way she wanted to give it a shot.

Asistencia Asesoria y AdministracionEdit

Consejo Mundial de Lucha LibreEdit

World Wrestling EntertainmentEdit

Personal LifeEdit

To pay for her training, Santos would come to work as a burlesque dancer at a club in Las Vegas called Masquerade after working there as a bartender but having to both replace a co-worker during a show and increase her earnings to buy gear. Santos only agreed to perform because of the fact that all of the employees wore masks and used stage names.

In WrestlingEdit


  • Angels Call (Shooting Star Senton)
  • Shattered Faith (Hammerlock Guillotine Drop)
  • Tree of Whoa (Tree of Woe/Coast to Coast combo)


  • Broken Wings (Spinning Lifting Sitout Double Underhook Facebuster)
  • Last Chance (Reverse STO)
  • Saint's Prayer/Sanctification (Shining Apprentice/Wizard)
  • Silent Death (Ranhei)
  • Reverse of Fate
  • Side Effect

Championships and AccomplishmentsEdit