Modified Realities Series, also known as MRS, is the small collection of stories that were created after the stories in the Twisted Fates Series were established. Most revolve around the world of professional wrestling. The stories in this collection are designated for the stories featuring interests that have already been used in the TFS.


Unlike in the TFS there are far fewer stories in this collection.

The following is a list of stories featured in the Modified Realities Series:

  • A Broken Heart Being Torn Apart
  • Thorne In His Side
  • Every Rose Has It's Thorne (sequel to Thorne In His Side)
  • Pulling On An Animal's Heartstrings
  • Live The Revolution
  • A Fall From Grace


Each storie has it's own main character with some having several. This is one of the main differences between the TFS and the MRS.

The following is a list of charactes featured in the MRS:

Inter-Series CharactersEdit

Though originally meant to be solely for use in the MRS many of the characters from the MRS have made a jump into the world of the TFS.

The following is a list of such characters:

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