Twisted Fates Series, also known as TFS, is the original collection of stories that were created in between 2005 and 2007 (most of which revolved around the world of pro wrestling, more specifically WWE). After 2007 more stories became included. The original OCs that were created in that time between 2005 and 2007 have come to be known as the TFS Originals.


The original number of stories included in the series has climbed from three (the original TFS Originals) to more than a dozen.

The following is a list of the stories that make up the TFS (some names are still in the works):

  • All That Remains (Felicity)
  • Welcome to Paradise (Hannah)
  • Subject to Change (Roxanne)
  • Illusions (Natalie)
  • Que Gire El Mundo (Beatriz)
  • Breaking the Habit (Molly)
  • Salute the Prince of Punk (Deborah)
  • Above All (Madelyne, subject to change)
  • Going for Gold (Salem, subject to change)
  • Becoming the Hunted (Marlene, subject to change)
  • Hearts Ablaze (Danika, subject to change)
  • Crimson (Hellena)
  • Carolina Crush (Allyson)
  • Heartbroken and Bleeding (Susan)
  • Song of the Nightingale (Abbygale)
  • The Themes of Life (Valerie)

Main CharactersEdit

Each story in the collection follows one of several OCs but not every OC has a story (titled). The number of characters far outnumbers the stories.

The following is a list of characters that are featured in the TFS:

Supporting CharactersEdit

Throughout each TFS story there are several minor characters that never quite achieve the status of a main character.

The following is a list of minor character that are featured in the Twisted Fates Series: